Thank You God for another day.

Thank You God for another day.

Thank You for my Life Thank You for my Health Thank You for my Safety Thank You for my Family
Thank You for my Friends
Thank You for my Love…

Today is a special day when You gave me Life 37 years ago. As I reflect on this past year, I must honor You & all those You have sent to me on my journey thus far…my “Earthly Angels”. I give You grateful Thanks & Praise for all the Valuable & Invaluable lessons that I have learned & have taught.

Though this journey with You has been very difficult at times, You give me Strength & Courage and continue to show me how wonderful & extraordinary life truly is.

Thank You for all the loving and amazing people that have helped me on this journey, past-present-future. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with these beautiful & loving individuals. I Love You and must Thank You again.

Thank You to my family, my friends, and to all those out there that continue to pray for me; You give me hope, encouragement, and allow me to bless you each day as you take a moment, time, and priceless gift from God to read my writings.

I know that together, we can make this world a better place; loving, peaceful, and touching all the hearts of all God’s children as we pass through.

Have a wonderfully Blessed day today & Thank You. Xo

Truly Yours In Christ –
Daniel T. Bochlas
“Make a positive difference in someone’s life today.”

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