The Lord works in mysterious ways

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He guides you, He protects you, He loves you. 
Let go of the pain caused by others. Your body may be broken, but God will heal you, Believe. Offer up to the Angels your pain & suffering, from their hears to Gods heart, miracles happen everyday. Your day is coming soon. The pain will diminish and your soul will be renewed. Believe. 
All you need to Love is right in front of your eyes! Start to notice the little things that make your heart sing. Rejoice in The Lord our God, for He is Great & Powerful. Remember, a hopeful heart is a Blessed Heart. 
May your day be filled with overflowing joy & no pain. God Bless You.  
Truly Yours In Christ – 
Daniel T. Bochlas
“Make a positive difference in someone’s life today”
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